Reverse Phone 1.X to Reverse Phone 3.0 Migration FAQs

  1. Q: When do I need to migrate to the new API? 
    A: We will deprecate the API by March 15 2017 and then officially remove it by September 15 2017.

  2. Q: Why are you requiring customers to migrate to a newer API?
    A: As with every technology when it evolves and improves there are always updates and upgrades to be made in order to best serve the end customer. Reverse Phone 1.1 is over five years old and on an aging infrastructure. Our latest API runs on a newer infrastructure that will serve you with  faster, improved performance, and stability as well as some new data attributes. All further iterations to the product will be managed and supported for the latest API and infrastructure. You wouldn’t run IOS4 on your new iPhone 7.  We want to make sure you have the latest and best product we have available.

  3. Q: What are the main differences between the data attributes in Reverse Phone 1.1 and Reverse Phone 3.0?
    A:There are new data points available and some old data points that were deprecated from the latest API to improve value to our customers. Reverse Phone 3.0 data and response can be reviewed here in our developer documentation:

    Data Attributes Deprecated and Added

  4. Q: Who can we talk to if we have questions, have issues, or just need assistance about this migration?
    A: Your account team is always here to support you and provide the smoothest path to migrating your API over so you can take advantage of the latest product.  Please contact your Account Services Representative or for assistance.

  5. Q: What do my engineers need to do, to migrate from 1.1 to 3.0?
    A: Our latest APIs uses a RESTful interface that allows flexible integration into your business systems via JSON response. We have documentation for your engineers which can be found here:
    Reverse Phone:

  6. Q: How much work will this be for my developers?
    A: Integration updates should take no more than 1 day. Based the complexity of your integration it may take another day to test and make sure all elements are plugged in correctly.

  7. Q: Do you have a new library, or sample code, that shows how to use this new API version?
    A: We have sample code available in 5 languages for Reverse Phone. The following samples show how to connect to the REST service to make a simple HTTP GET request using the Reverse Phone method. The sample code shows how to parse the JSON and print out results provided.


    Reverse Phone Source Code











  8. Q: Do any of the field values change?  E.g., “True”(text field) vs. “1” (numerical field)?
    A: Responses with booleans will remain the same. Geoprecision for a location in 1.1 is a numeric value; the latest API uses a string for the lat_long accuracy such as RoofTop, Street. Our documentation has all of the responses and response types.

  9. Q: What will happen if I don’t migrate over?
    A: This API is being deprecated and then will eventually be removed. We will continue a cadence of communication throughout this process.  However, if migration to the latest API is not completed by the removal date, the old API will no longer work.
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