How to Integrate the Deep Link Builder into Your Platform

Once you have enabled the WP Pro Deep Links Builder extension, click the following button  in the top right-hand corner of your browser and make sure you are logged into your Whitepages Pro account.

From there, follow these steps to create your template:


  1. Click on “Create/edit your team’s template” to create your template and select the view you want.

  2. Once logged in, choose from the following display options:

    a. Full query will display the selected search fields on the right side of your manual review screen
    b. Button: top right will display the blue identity check button on the top right corner of your manual review screen
    c. Button: bottom will display the blue identity check button on the bottom center of your manual review screen

    Below are design examples for each option: a, b, and c, respectively.

  3. Once you have selected your display option, follow the “Template Editor” directions

    a. Click  in a data field
    b. Click the corresponding data on the page to the left
    c. When all data has been assigned, save your changes

  4. To pass the information to the data field in the template editor, simply click on any of the data fields and then click on the respective information in your platform associated to the data field. See example below:

  5. If you applied incorrect information into the data field and would like to remove it, you can hover over the check mark next to the data field and an "X" button will appear.

  6. Once finished editing your builder, save the template by clicking on the “Save Template” button and click on the “Close the Editor” to complete the process.

  7. Finally, click on the “Check Identity” button to verify the authenticity of this identity.

  8. You will be taken to an Identity Check web result page that returns the data and match statues on the submitted input attributes (phone, email, IP, name, and/or address).

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