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The Query Usage Report provides an overview of total queries over a selected date range. The graphical representation of overall query volumes is used to showcase how your query usage changes over time.

The Query Usage Report also allows you to view usage per user or by query type. If you have multiple users, you can easily access your Query Usage Report to see who are the heaviest users on your account, along with what types of queries they are searching.


How do I access my Query Usage Report?

To access your Query Usage Report, simply click through to the Account Settings/Account Overview page from the My Account drop-down menu in the top right corner of the page.

From there, you will see Query usage in the lefthand menu.



How is the Query Usage Report different than the Lookups feature?

The Lookups tab is being replaced by the more user-friendly Query Usage Report. With the old Lookups tab, you were only able to see the total number of queries for a given date range.

The new Query Usage Report gives you a "big picture" view of your usage by allowing you to see it depicted visually over time on the Usage Graph. At the same time, it also provides you with a more granular look at your account's usage. Instead of having to pivot the CSV file to find out your usage by user, the Query Usage Report has everything listed by user right below the Usage Graph. 


What value will I get from the Query Usage Report?

The Query Usage Report gives greater control over your account, so that you are able to monitor your query usage as well as usage on a user-level.

If you have either a monthly or annual allotted block of queries, you will be able to monitor how far along you are in this block by selecting your desired date range.


How often does this get updated?

The usage report is updated every day. 


How can I get a CSV of my lookups?

To obtain a CSV of your queries, scroll down to the Query Details by Month section, located under the usage graph.


From there, you will be able to select the month and year that you want to see in more detail. 

Once you have selected those, click on Generate Report to have a CSV file containing your lookups sent to the email associated with the account admin.


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