Add deep links to Identity Check?

With Identity Check you can perform multiple checks via a single query. Obviously it is not easy for a manual review agent or application processor or marketer to enter all the inputs for each review to check the outputs. Too time consuming and laborious.

Hence, we provide an option to create deep links for Identity check from any 3rd party system.

Here is how it works:

Are you using Accertify? Ask your customer support to enable deep links to Whitepages Pro Identity Check!

Are you using CyberSource or Magento? We have a browser extension for Chrome (Firefox coming soon!) that will add these links for you!

- Chrome users, click on either: CyberSource or Magento

Using your own home-built system? Ask your IT Manager/Developer to take the inputs for any particular transaction and create a hyperlink as follows:

Code with hyperlink will look something as follows:

<a href="" target="_blank">Verify Identity with Whitepages Pro</a>

Clicking on this link for that transaction will bring the Identity Check results page with all the checks performed.

The query string syntax for Identity Check Web is the same as Identity Check API, documented here: Of course, you do not need to submit any API key to Identity Check Web. But if you want to submit separate billing and shipping addresses, for example, you can find the correct syntax from the API documentation on this link. 

Note that if the reviewer is not logged into, on the first click to this hyperlink, he will be asked to login. If successful, he will then be redirected to the Identity Check results page. Subsequent clicks on the hyperlinks will directly pop up the Identity Check results page.

Hope this helps!








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