Update my billing info?

If you are a Bronze/Silver/Gold customer, start by going to pro.lookup.whitepages.com and logging in.   


On the main page click on the 'My Account' drop-down and click 'Account Settings':



 On the details page, click on either the 'Billing' button or the 'Change Payment Info' button:




On the 'Billing' page, you will see your current payment method under 'Payment Method'. Under this, you will need to click on the 'Change payment method' link:




From there (or if you had previously clicked on the 'Change Payment Info' button in the sidebar), you will see the form that you will need to fill out to enter a new method of payment.

Your payment info must include cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date, cvv, and zip code. Then click on the 'Update Payment Info' button and your payment info will be automatically updated:




If you have trouble with these instructions, you can place a New Request


If you are an Enterprise customer, please refer to your invoice for contact information. 


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