Change Plans

Whitepages Pro Web offers three different plans with your budget in mind.

If you require more than 820 queries, please click here and a representative will contact you to customize a plan that meets your needs.

Here is how to change your Pro Web Plan:

1. Once you are logged into your Account, click on My Account followed by Account Settings


2. Click Change plan on the sidebar. Your may review your current plan and select a plan to switch to. If you need more than 820 queries, click on Contact us.  


3. Review the plan that was selected and your Active Billing Info. If you need to update or change your credit card information, click Edit this information.

4. To confirm the plan change, read the authorization and then check the box to agree to it, enter your password, and click Confirm purchase.  


5. When you are downgrading your account, the change will take effect at the next billing date.

6. When upgrading your account, the change will take effect immediately once the payment is received. The difference of the upgrade will be charged and you will have additional queries added to your account.

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