New Manage Users Page

Now you can manage your team all in one place

We've improved the way you manage your team on Whitepages Pro. There's now one destination where you can view and manage users, as well as invite new users. 

  • Active Users: the new active users tab will allow you to search, sort and delete users that currently have access to Pro.
  • Invite Users: the invite users tab will send invitations to new users and view pending invitations that have not been accepted.
  • Deleted Users: the deleted users tab will allow you to view and search users who have been deleted from your Pro account. 


Adding lots of users? No problem! You can use the to bulk upload tool in the Invite Users tab by either uploading or dragging a .csv file.


With the intention of improving our user experience, we have added a new feature that allows you to select various users under the Active Users, Invite Users and Deleted Users tabs. 

Example under Invite Users tab:

1. Select the users that you would like to resend an invitation
2. Click on the "Resend to selected" option above the listed users
3. Confirm that you would like to "resend" the invite to the selected users.


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